Rachel Coll

GymNation Member: Rachel Coll

Rachel became a member of GymNation in mid 2019 (after not having been a member of a gym for 5 years) and immediately started working with GymNation Personal Trainer Mahmoud. Read Rachel's story, and the impact GymNation and Mahmoud have had on her life, below. 

GymNation Member: Rachel Coll

"I became a member of GymNation in August after not stepping foot in a gym for 5 years. I had realised how unfit I was, how much weight I had gained and knew it had to change!


I was lethargic, unable to stand the heat of Dubai and had lost a lot of confidence. In 4 months of training with Mahmoud I have lost 20kg, while toning up, improving my fitness and correcting my posture. I now look forward to my workouts, trying out the different classes, and seeing the improvements in my overall health.


I feel like a completely different person than when I started and more than anything I have got my confidence back!"

Rachel's Top Tips

Tip #1: Find a great personal trainer

From the first session Mahmoud made me feel comfortable, discussed my fitness history, and we set achievable goals together.  Without his guidance I wouldn’t have been able to make the changes I have!

Tip #2: Consistency is key

Changes don’t happen overnight, you have to put the work in consistently. Mahmoud ensures that my sessions always push me and train different muscle groups.


I like to switch up my cardio too by trying out new classes, it challenges me and keeps me interested.  Helping me stick to my workout plan. 

Tip #3: Don’t become obsessed with the end goal

Mahmoud ensures I acknowledge and celebrate the smaller changes I have made along the way.  Realising I can now do 20 push-ups when I struggled to do 5 when I started out, or holding a plank position for longer and longer.  These little victories stop me from becoming overwhelmed by how far I still have to go.

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