Mahmoud Ibrahim

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Mahmoud Ibrahim

Call or What's App on +971 55 118 6504

Mahmoud is a certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist who has a passion for providing safe and effective exercise and lifestyle programs for individuals who require some extra guidance with their health and fitness.

Mahmoud has a BSc degree in Exercise and Sports Science, majoring in Exercise physiology and Athletic Training. As one of Dubai's highest qualified Personal Trainers, Mahmoud has an exceptional track record in delivering results for his clients and helping them achieve their desired goals. 


Specialist Areas

Mahmoud has a keen interest in developing, implementing and evaluating programs to increase health and maintain strength across the life span. He utilizes his extensive background combined with his strong practical experience to deliver exercise programs aimed at individuals wanting to lose weight, improve fitness, correcting body posture, chronic disease management and helping individuals improve their function and quality of life.


Before contacting me, ask yourself, if you are you looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Personal Trainer, not only to train you but also to educate you, inspire you and can focus on your goals and help you to meet it with a PROFESSIONAL COACHING, CREATIVE EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION and SCIENTIFIC BASED PROGRAMS.

If your answer is yes! Please feel free to contact me at any time to book your free trial in my schedule. And let's start together, a new fitness journey towards your health and fitness goals.


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Nutrition Weight Loss

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