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Kyle Evans

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Sport has been my life ever since a young age and I've been fortunate enough to build a background in some of the most advanced training techniques having attended several high-performance sports institutes and from representing my South African province in rugby, swimming, water polo, athletics and bodybuilding. 
I am now focussed on sharing my knowledge with others and several years ago turned to coaching beginner boxing for fitness and weight loss and have developed into coaching several South African professional fighters.
With my background, I am able to offer a tailor-made training regime that suits each individual and I make sure it's both enjoyable and challenging at the same time! 

Specialist Areas

1. High Intensity Functional Training: HIFT sits between traditional resistance (strength) training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) but gives you the benefits of both by addressing multiple fitness domains. If you are seeking results that involve both improvements in your overall fitness and strength then one of my HIFT is what you need. 


2. Weight training: the benefits of weight training are huge. One of my weight training programmes will help increase strength, build muscle mass, increase bone density and will boost your metabolism and fat loss. But if you are new to weight training it is essential you have proper guidance to avoid injuries and achieve your desired results. 


3. Fat Loss: If you are looking to lose weight, drop a few belt or dress sizes then one of my unique PT programs can help the pounds fall off. A combination of cardio, functional and weight training will help keep you challenged and each session a fresh new challenge but most importantly the programs I have spent over a decade perfecting will see the pounds fall away and your entire body become more toned and lean.


4. Group Personal Training: do you prefer training with friends? work better in a competitive environment? or perhaps you are looking to make PT'ing more affordable? No problem, one of my Group PT sessions is just what you are after. I can train up to 10 people in a group and we make each session fun, competitive but tough!



High Intensity Functional Training

What my individualized and carefully managed HIFT training routine can achieve is the holy grail of improving muscular size (men) / definition (ladies) and aerobic (VO2Max) fitness at the same time. And if you are looking for a specific improvement in a particular sport we can specialize the HIFT towards your discipline for increased sports-related performance

Group Training

Group training gives you the extra encouragement boost you need to get , while keeping your health and fitness goals in check and also helping to share the cost of Personal training. With over 10 years experience of running small Group PT sessions you can be assured of a structured, motivational, competitive environment which will help you achieve your goals. 


Boxing / Pad Training

Boxing is a great way to train as it requires a lot of endurance, strength, power and a fair amount of  speed and agility.

I often incorporate boxing and pad training into my clients sessions as its a great way to burn fat, improve strength but also build self confidence and self esteem. 

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Personal Trainer Kyle Evans Explains High Intensity Functional Training (“HIFT”)

In this blog, Kyle Evans, one of GYMNATION’s high performance Personal Trainers, provides an insight into his unique style of training which he terms High Intensity Functional Training (“HIFT”), developed throughout a career as a provincial, multi discipline, South African sportsman.

Nutrition Weight Loss


Every cell and drop of our blood contains many thousands of different types of proteins, and each of these proteins is built from the protein we eat. It is found in every imaginable type of food. Animal products (including red meat, pork, chicken, fish and eggs) are usually considered the most protein-rich. But worldwide, it is the protein found in plants that supplies at least 60 percent of the total protein consumed by humans.


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