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Elliot Bendelow

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Elliot has been a personal trainer since 2009, he specializes in body transformations, competition prep and boot-camps including GymNation’s brand extension line; the ‘GO2MAX’programmes, which are designed and are led by him.

With Elliot, you can expect a holistic workout routine paired with practical and scientific-based concepts, educational and nutrition programs.


Elliot is continually rated as one of GymNation's best Personal Trainers and has helped a large number of members achieve their health and fitness goals. 


His personal achievements include NABBA West Britain Body Building Champion in 2013 & 2014, NABBA British Finals Top 6 in 2014, and the NABBA Wales Champion in 2015.

Specialist Areas

1. Bootcamps or Transformations: Try out one of Elliot's bootcamps or 8 Week Transformation packs under the GO2MAX brand. This will provide you with all the advantages and benefits of Personal Training but at a fraction of the cost. 


2. Fat Loss: Elliot is an expert in designing member-specific fat loss programs that will fit around your lifestyle and schedule. Nutrition advice combined with a training regime can help you lose weight and burn fat in no time. Take an initial consultation with Elliot to understand more before embarking on your own weight loss program.


3. Strength and Conditioning training: if you are looking to really embark on a fitness regime then Eliott can help put together a structured S&C training program tailored towards our goals. Tone up, build muscle, increase cardiovascular capacity...whatever your goals Elliot can help you achieve these quicker and faster than trying to work out on your own. 



Read some of Elliot's Blog posts

Nutrition Weight Loss


Every cell and drop of our blood contains many thousands of different types of proteins, and each of these proteins is built from the protein we eat. It is found in every imaginable type of food. Animal products (including red meat, pork, chicken, fish and eggs) are usually considered the most protein-rich. But worldwide, it is the protein found in plants that supplies at least 60 percent of the total protein consumed by humans.

Nutrition Weight Loss

Is Intermittent Fasting Effective for Weight Loss?

There are many ways to lose weight and one of the more popular ways is to use intermittent fasting. But what is it, and is it effective? We take a closer look.


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