David Revell

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David Revell

+971 058 508 6122 Call or whatsApp me for a free complimentary session!

Fitness and sport has run through my veins since I was at very young age and it is something I am very passionate about. I did my fitness instructor qualification as soon as I left school and have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the 10 years I have been instructing and training.
I am an avid trainer myself so know what hard work and commitment is required in order to gain the results you crave, and I am determined to help you achieve every goal you set out. 
I will coach you to perfect technique in all areas and set you a programme that is achievable, enjoyable and will keep you wanting more. 
If you have any fitness related questions or queries about anything, I’ll be here to help you inside or outside of the gym. 


Strength and conditioning - I have helped lots of clients in the past to become stronger, increase lean body mass and feel much fitter overall with programmes that vary to keep you engaged and to bag you the results you crave. I was recently a Head Fitness Coach for the Fighting Fit Dubai reality TV show aired globally on ESPN.


Fat Loss and Nutritional Guidance - Whether you are looking to earn the beach body of your dreams, wanting to transform your body totally or just lose those few pounds to fit into that next dress size down, then you have come to the right place. I have achieved great results with clients in the past and am driven to help you too. The Nutritional guidance and workouts combined will make your body fat melt away and help you become a lean machine. 


High Intensity Interval Training - I have had great success in clients using HIIT training to gain they results that they always wanted, and will help you achieve this too through these fun HIIT workouts to leave you feeling lighter, stronger, fitter and happy.


Group Fitness Training - Why not invite your friends too for a enjoyable and effective session, while cutting the costs down and having a great time? Make Personal Training more affordable, the more friends you invite, the cheaper your session becomes! What are you waiting for?! Message me today! “


Strength & Conditioning

Through my strength and conditioning one on one sessions I can help you achieve your goals quicker and faster than working on your own or as part of Group X classes. Through one on one Personal Training sessions we can focus on improving their performance or specific S&C in relation to your chosen discipline or sport. 

Body Transformation

I am one of very few coaches who can cross over between PT'ing or being your Transformation coach...and yes there is a big difference. PT sessions are more workout focused and are charge by the session or block of session, where a Transformation Coach will charge for the transformation or the result you want. 


Because of this, my Transformation coaching has a 90% success rate in delivering results.  

David's Blogs

Nutrition Weight Loss

Are High Protein Diets Just Hype?

David Revell - GymNation high performance Personal Trainer - gives his views on the importance of high protein diets in achieving your desired goals. 

You can contact David on +971 058 508 6122 (call or whatsApp) anytime for a free complimentary session and more advise on the right diet for you.

Nutrition Weight Loss

Is Intermittent Fasting Effective for Weight Loss?

There are many ways to lose weight and one of the more popular ways is to use intermittent fasting. But what is it, and is it effective? We take a closer look.


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