Ty Kubiak

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Ty Kubiak

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Ty is a GymNation high-performance personal trainer and coach and uses Hypertrophy, Strength and Conditioning, Functional and Sport Specific elements as part of his training toolkit.

“I am not just your Personal Trainer - I will be your COACH. 24/7 access for support and help, any question, anytime."

He’s also a big fan of HIIT, Endurance Circuit and Strongman training principals to make his workouts more productive. Ty is also certified Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics Instructor, with experience in different styles of traditional Martial Arts and Reality-Based Concepts.


1. Strength and Conditioning

Resistance training isn’t always about dumbbells and weights, and fat loss isn’t always about cardio. I utilize my skills and background to program workouts including aspects from both areas, using all forms of equipment, and endless variety of movement and exercises and the whole gym, to yield results of a high caliber, helping to gain lean body mass and reduce bodyfat, increase strength and overall fitness.

2. Powerlifting and Strongman/Strongwoman Principles 

Compound and Strength movements are essential to any muscle building and strength program, but also be an important element in training to help drive fat loss, ramp up metabolism and increase bone density.

3. Fat Loss and Nutrition 

Both these elements go hand in hand with each other and must compliment your training properly. Without a nutrition plan in place, you will never reach your goal no matter how structured your training program is. Whilst understanding Principles of Nutrition, I can personally help with your nutrition plan, weight loss formula and muscle building elements of diet, to compliment your bespoke personal training program. All these combined will ensure results you strive for.

4. Combative Athletics and Tactical Conditioning Training 

Using years of training with many international experts as a Martial Arts Instructor and former Bodyguard, I often format unique training programs based around combative athletics and conditioning. You'll find these programs more challenging and rewarding then your usual workouts and through specific programming we can tailor these to your own goals.   



Tired of not seeing results? Want to change up your training to something new and challenging? Try one of my Strongman or Strongwomen classes?

With a background in Powerlifting, focusing on the “Big 3” lifts (Benchpress, Squat and Deadlift) and Strongman Principles ( Sled work, Atlas Stones, Weighted Carries etc) I can coach and adapt these movements for beginners and women alike to benefit them within their programming, to aid in lean mass gains, body fat loss, and increase strength.


These training skills and principles are used by Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Professionals, but can easily be adapted to benefit people looking for a different and challenging aspect to their training  program.  Make it challenging. Make it different. Even make it fun. Never boring. Always seeing results.


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