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As if getting fit in Dubai's largest and most affordable gym wasn't rewarding enough, welcome to GymNation's Perkville Reward Program! Earn points for simply coming to the gym, attending classes, referring friends, and more! Then use them towards a list of free perks with partners such as adidas, reebok, Fitbit and many others! We look forward to seeing you in the gym as you earn points and rewards.


  Simply coming to the gym 5 points 
  Joining the rewards program 100 points
  Completing a feedback request 150 points
  Referring a friend 500 points
  And many more ways to earn...

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Earn points as you gym

Each time you visit the gym, book one of our 200+ free classes, purchase a BoxIQ or Muaythai Muppets class, and many more ways, you will earn points which can be converted for free PERKS!

Cash in points for Perks

Use your points to get free perks...use the GymNation App to see the latest list of free Perks which range from free months memberships, PT sessions, Bxoing or Muaythai classes, Kcal nutrition consultations, free coffees, GYMNATION T Shirts, and many many more....!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the GYMNATION Perkville programme work?

It’s simple, you earn points for simply coming tot he gym and interacting with GYMNATION. Such as attending classes, referring friends, making purchases, providing feedback, or talking about us on social media. Once you have accumulated points you can begin redeeming Perks. Click here for a full list of earning activities and Perks!

How do I start using the GYMNATION Perkville scheme?

As a GYMNATION member you can simply download the GYMNATION App and through the app register yourself with a Perkville account....we even give you points for simply creating an account...simple!

Or visit our Perkville page on the web: www.perkville.com/biz/8582/mypoints/

How do I start earning points?

Points are tracked using your GYMNATION account and via our App. So download the app today via the App Store and create your own GYMNATION Perkville account.

How do I redeem points?

Sign in to your Perkville account, Click Redeem and select the perk you want. Show the business your voucher via printout or phone to redeem your perk.

How do I refer new clients to GYMNATION with Perkville?

From the Perkville site or our App click the “Refer a friend link”, and submit your friend’s email as a referral. Then when your friend registered using the same email address that you used to refer them you are automatically rewarded for the referral.

How do i earn points for sharing or checking in on Facebook?

Earn points by posting about us or checking in at GymNation on Facebook. Log in to Perkville.com and connect your Facebook, then enter what you want to say in the social media box. Click “Post and Earn” to get points.

Testimonials on Perkville

Stephanie Gretton

In just a few weeks I had earn't enough points through Perkville to get a free nutrition consultation with Kcal, its brilliant!

James Scarlett

WOW...I earn points simple for coming to the gym! I've also referred a few friends and now have nearly a months worth of PT sessions. 

Hayley Parker

It's like The Entertainer of the fitness world. You go to the gym, book classes, refer friends and then you can claim a load of free gifts! 

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