BOXNATION Hiit Classes

BoxNATION HiiT Class

Ever fancied pulling on the gloves and getting rid of your daily stress whilst burning up to 1000 calories and toning up in a one hour boxing blitz? If so this BOXNATION is the class for you!
BOXNATION is an all over cardio and strength training workout, it helps improve endurance, co-ordination, stamina and muscle tone and is a great way to learn some self defense skills.
Our BOXNATION instructor Kyle Evans will push you to your limits and help you unleash that inner fighting machine to help get the most out of your workout.

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  Unlimted Classes for AED 399 p/m
  Individual session for AED75
  Dubai's best Boxing HiiT class
  All abilities welcome 
  Fight your way to a stronger, fitter you



Tone up & Burn Fat

A BOXNATION class will see you burn up to 1000 calories whilst working your upper and lower body helping to tone up and build your cardio fitness.

Group Class Shadow Punching at Body Combat

All levels and abilities

All levels of fitness and boxing experience are welcome to our BOXNATION classes. Our head BOXNATION coach, Kyle Evans, will look after you if you've never boxed before and will show you the basics and help you along your way. You'll be moving like Floyd Mayweather in no time!

Box your way to your goals

BOXNATION is one of the best way to achieve your fitness goals. The sessions are fun and high octane ensuring that you get the most out of your workout, developing fitness and learn some boxing basics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i join a class if i am a beginner?

At BOXNATION everyone is welcome, from the pure beginner through to boxing enthusiasts. As part of a BOXNATION class you will get to focus on boxing strength and condition as well as developing your basic boxing skills and techniques. Kyle Evans coaches will teach you how to punch correctly with increased speed and power and help you develop basic techniques. A BOXNATION class includes a warm-up, bag work, strength and conditioning floor exercises and a warm down.

Will I burn fat and tone up by taking a boxing class?

A BOXNATION class will help you tone your body, increase your cardiovascular system, trim down your waistline and build your boxing talents and punch power. In our BOXNATION boxing classes you will burn upwards of 1000 calories whilst learning techniques and boxing drills.

What kit and equipment do I need to bring?

For your first few classes all you will need is your normal training kit (shorts, t-shirt, trainers, etc.). We can provide you with gloves to wear but once you progress we highly recommend that you purchase your own gloves and wraps (it's much more hygienic!...and you can purchase these at GymNation)

How much does it cost?

You can book Group Classes (beginner or advanced) starting from AED75 per session or AED399 unlimited monthly.

BOXNATION Testimonials


The BOXNATION classes are my favourite workout. Kyle pushes me to my limit and i've lost 6kg in just a month whilst getting much fitter and stronger. I can also punch harder than my husband now!

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