Body Combat

Body Combat

Get a full body workout

Be fit and burn fat

Boost strength and confidence

What is Body Combat?

This fun and fierce workout is inspired by a combination of martial arts disciplines including boxing, karate and Muay Thai. Set to popular music and with encouragement from the instructor throughout, you'll kick and punch your way through a series of high and low impact moves. High energy, high adrenaline and fun are all guaranteed.

Exercise type Cardio
Duration 30 - 60 minutes
Approx. calories burned 700
Fitness levels All abilities welcome

Jason Woodham

"BodyCombat gives you the opportunity to improve your fitness, build lean muscle, tone up and burn lots of calories but, perhaps even better, it gives you the confidence of a fighter! Strong beats and uplifting tunes will drive you as you kick and punch your way towards your fitness goals."

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