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GYMNATION has partnered with BOXiQ, a new initiative which focuses around intelligent boxing training and promotes the idea of a more holistic approach to boxing training and, for those who have the ambition, to actually climbing between the ropes and becoming a fighter. BOXiQ achieve this through the use of tried and tested methods which in turn enhances skills and get you boxing smart!

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  Unlimted Classes for AED 399 p/m
  Individual session for AED75
  Dubai's best boxing coach
  All abilities welcome - beginners to fighters
  Fight your way to a stronger, fitter you



Joe Ackary - Head Coach

BOXiQ’s Head Coach and founder Joe Ackary, has been involved in the sport for 14 years were he has dedicated his time developing and advancing his coaching in the noble art of boxing. Joe has experience of training beginners, amateur fighters and professionals alike.

Boxing classes for all levels and abilities

Advanced and experienced coaching is catered and offered to all abilities from novices to elite boxers, where clients work on the basic fundamentals through to advanced techniques covering all aspects of boxing training. One to one sessions and group fitness classes will be run exclusively at GymNation.

Box your way to your goals

At BOXiQ it doesn't matter whether you are simply after a new and exciting workout and some major calorie burn, a beginner boxer wanting to work on specific techniques, or an advanced boxer looking for some competitive sparring and preparation for a bout, at BOXiQ we've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i join a class if i am a beginner?

At GYMNATION everyone is welcome, from the pure beginner through to the most advanced fighters. As part of a BOXiQ class you will get to focus on both boxing specific strength and condition as well as developing your boxing skills and techniques. The BOXiQ coaches will teach you how to punch correctly with increased speed and power and help you develop defensive and footwork skills. A BOXiQ class includes a warm-up, boxing technique drills, strength and conditioning circuits and a warm down.

Will I burn fat and tone up by taking a boxing class?

A BOXiQ class will help you tone your body, increase your cardiovascular system, trim down your waistline and build your boxing talents and punch power. In our BOXiQ boxing classes you  will burn upwards of 1000 calories whilst learning techniques and boxing drills to make you a more accomplished boxer.

What kit and equipment do I need to bring?

For your first few classes all you will need is your normal training kit (shorts, t-shirt, trainers, etc.). We can provide you with wrist wraps and gloves to wear but once you progress we highly recommend that you purchase your own gloves and wraps (it's much more hygienic!...and you can purchase these at GymNation)

How much does it cost?

You can book Group Classes (beginner or advanced) starting from AED75 per session or AED399 unlimited monthly. One on One classes can be scheduled directly with Jay for rates starting from AED300 per hour.

What is sparring and will I have to spar?

Sparring is often a light to medium contact exercise in a controlled environment which allows fighters to practice the techniques they have learnt in a more competitive and real life ring environment. Specific tactics and strategies can be trained with sparring and this will help make you a more accomplished boxer. Sparring is a great way to put into practice everything you have learnt and is the natural progression prior to actually competing for real....Not to mention a great way to burn away any unwanted stress!

BOXiQ Testimonials


Joe is without doubt the best boxing coach in Dubai. I've trained at a few gyms in Dubai but found BOXiQ the best. He schools you in the basics, is amazing at pad work and makes each session hard and rewarding. Beginner's to advanced - if you want to learn to box then Joe and BOXiQ is the home for you!



I'd never boxed before but heard it was a great workout and one of the best ways to improve fitness whilst burning fat. After just one session with Joe i was hooked! Each session he  improves my technique and pushes me to train harder than i have before. In just one month training with Joe and i'm now fitter than ever before and I can out punch my husband!


Since moving to Dubai I found it hard to find any boxing coaches who coached to the standard I was used too back home. That was until I met Joe and BOXiQ. He focusses on the skills and technique that most coaches disregard. If you're looking at climbing between the ropes then having Joe as your coach is the best way to ensure your arm is raised at the end of your bout!

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