8 Week Transformation

8 Week Transformation Challenge

Ready to achieve more than you thought possible? GymNation 8 Week Transformation Camps are led by our high-performance Personal Trainer Elliot Bendalow, a specialist from the UK in Body Transformation. You'll work with a group of like-minded members seeking a total body transformation in a motivating environment over an intense 6-week training cycle designed to get you the results you desire. You bring the motivation, we bring the rest!

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  Bespoke classes for 8 week for AED799* 
  Access to a dedicated Transformation specialist
  Nutrition advice throughout the camp
  Everyone is welcome, all abilities 
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Achieve more with our 8 Week Transformation Camp!

Each 8 Week Transformation Camp includes:

  • 8 weeks of intense group training sessions
  • 3 sessions a week
  • Weekly weigh-ins and body analysis
  • Our receipt e-book
  • Access to your transformation specialist

This programme is a carefully crafted 8-week intense training cycle designed to get you results. Brace yourself for 3 Group Personal Training sessions per week.

All sessions will consist of fun, inclusive, interval training delivered by Elliot Bendalow, Dubai's most qualified transformation specialist. Daily support and motivation will be available to see you through to the end.


Elliot has been a personal trainer since 2009 and specializes in body transformations.

Entering a GymNation 8-week Transformation Challenge will get you complete access to Elliot and you can expect a holistic workout routine paired with practical and scientific-based concepts, educational and nutrition programs tailored to your goals and own transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the transformation camp if I haven't trained before?

Yes you can join the transformation if you haven’t joined the gym before, the 8 week transformation will allow you to build a strong fitness knowledge on diet and nutrition throughout the challenge, anyone can achieve their goals as the challenge is tailored individually. 

What benefits do I get from having a PT overseeing my transformation?

Having a personal trainer allows you to learn and grow with a professional instead of walking around the gym confused about what google suggested you should do, a personal trainer can physically assess you and tailor a program specific to you and your goals in the shortest time possible.

What type of training will the transformation challenge include?

Throughout the challenge the training will consistently change and adapt to make sure your body is constantly changing and improving. The workouts will be daily specific routines such as specific muscle groups and will vary consistently throughout the weeks.  

How much does the 8 Week Transformation Challenge cost?

The 8 week challenge is 800dhm which Includes full diet plan. 

Do I need to diet throughout the challange?

To change your body in this short amount of time a diet must be implemented to make sure that your performing at your optimum and your goals being hit. Specific training, diet and rest must me structured in your plan to make your targets.

Testimonials on the Transformation Challenge

Laura Higgins

I enrolled on one of Elliots Body Transformation programmes and couldn't believe the results. I was relatively new to training but the help and support was incredible. Going through the experience alongside the other transformers was incredibly supportive and help motivate me through to the finishing line. 


Sham Maleh

It hasn't been easy (or pretty) but Elliott has turned my life upside down. he is proof that consistence and perfect guidance anything is possible. because of this brilliant motivator I have lost 5kgs in 18 days.

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